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European School of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (ESPSO)

Who we are:

A joint venture between ESSO and the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International (PSOGI), the European School of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (ESPSO) has been established to provide both a basic and an advance training in peritoneal surface oncology.

We aim at:

  • Providing adequate and structured training in the management of peritoneal neoplasms 

  • Certifying proficient knowledge in the scientific basis and clinical practice of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (PSO), especially multidisciplinary decision-making and surgical management (European Certification in Peritoneal Surface Oncology)

What can we do for you:

We provide you with the opportunity to participate in The European Peritoneal Surface Oncology Training Programme, a , structured, basic and advanced training.

Under the supervision of a tutor from a PSOGI recognized centre, each student enrols in this European high-quality peritoneal surface oncology training programme, taking place in one of the participating ESPSO Recognized Centers.

The educational programme includes participation in two ESSO Courses, the ‘ESSO Advanced Course on the Management of HIPEC after CRS’ and the ‘ESSO Course on Peritoneal Surface Malignancy’, as well as in at least one PSOGI World Congress and a recognised national peritoneal surface oncology congress.

At the end of their studies, ESPSO participants submit a research project – which is then presented at one of these congresses and submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal (the project could even evolve into a thesis) – and successful students receive the European Certification on Peritoneal Surface Oncology, attesting the proficient knowledge of the scientific basis and the clinical management of these types of cancer.

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