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Italian Society of Surgical Oncology SICO

Current Officersand Board Members



Prof. D'Ugo Domenico

President elect


Past President

Prof. Paolo Del Rio


Dott. Dessena Massimo

Board Members

Prof. Roviello Franco
Dott. Cavaliere Davide
Dott. Gronchi Alessandro
Prof. Marrelli Daniele
Dott. Muratore Andrea
Dott. Percivale Andrea


Prof. Sandrucci Sergio

ESSO liaison person: Prof. Sergio Sandrucci
Joined ESSO in 2010
Membership: 350

Contact details:

Presidente SICO
Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori Regina Elena
Via Elio Chianesi, 53
00144 - Roma
Tel. 06.52662328
Fax 06.52662328

Annual Congress: XLII CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SICO - 4th International Conference of Surgical Oncology “INFLUENCING ONCOLOGY through QUALIFIED SURGERY” will be held from the 8th to the 9th of September in Cagliari, Italy.

Please visit the SICO website here for more information.



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