List of webinars open to everyone


EYSAC Research Academy Webinar on Legends in Surgery

13th March 2023

ESSO Webinar on Managment of Thoracic chest wall sarcomas- surgical principles and outcomes  
1st March 2023

ESSO Webinar on Isolated Limb Perfusion- Indications and Technique in Melanoma and Soft Tissue Sarcoma 
21st February 2023

EYSAC Research Academy Webinar on Legends in Surgery
20th February 2023

ESSO Webinar on Best PSM Article of 2022 
15th February 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

EYSAC Webinar on Translational Research in Surgical Oncology
30th January 2023

ESSO Webinar on the Role of Patients Reported Outcomes in Surgery
26th January 2023

SSO-ESSO Virtual Tumor Board - Management of Peritoneal Metastasized Ovarian Cancer
24th January 2023

EYSAC Webinar on Artificial Intelligence in Surgical Resarch
23th January 2023

EYSAC Research Academy Webinar on GlobalSurg Collaborative
16th January 2023


ESSO Webinar on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research
24th November 2022

ESSO Webinar on Biobanking and the Role of Surgical Oncologists in Translational Research
21st July 2022

ESSO webinar on Upper GI malignancies Trial Updates, from east to west
27th June 2022 

EYSAC Research Academy Webinar on Systematic Reviews and Metaanlysis
19th April 2022

ESSO-EYSAC Research Academy Webinar on Innovations in Surgery with Prof Jelle Ruurda
14th February 2022

ESSO-USSO Webinar on Pancreatic Cancer
27th January 2022


EYSAC webinar on Malnutrition in Cancer Patients?
9th December 2021

EYSAC Research Academy Webinar on Innovations in Surgery
1st November 2021

ESSO Webinar on Surgical Techniques in Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction
1st October 2021

ESSO BSSO Webinar on Management of Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer 
25th September 2021

EYSAC Webinar on Legends in Surgery
6th September 2021

ESSO Webinar on Key Challenges in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
3rd September 2021

ESSO-USSO Webinar on Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Up-to-date Treatment Approaches
26th August 2021

ESSO Webinar on Integrating Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation in The Clinical Path of High-Risk Surgical Oncology Patients
1st June 2021

ESSO-USSO Webinar on Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: Up to Date Treatment Approach
27th May 2021

ESSO Webinar: Maze of Matrix
7th May 2021



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