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ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club


The ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club (EYSAC) was created during the 2010 ESSO Congress in Bordeaux.

EYSAC has been created with the aim to help junior surgeons play an active role in the future of surgical oncology. EYSAC has the mission to:

  • Facilitate networking between young surgeons interested in surgical oncology
  • Assist junior surgeons in dealing with (academic) surgical oncology
  • Improve surgical oncology training throughout Europe
  • Facilitiate active transfer of knowledge and young surgeons between institutes
  • Provide feedback from educational events
  • Develop new avenues for surgical oncology

Key areas of which EYSAC is involved and members can benefit from:

1) ESSO Core Curriculum is intended to act as a guide for the requisite level of knowledge both for the practice of surgical oncology but also for the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ exams) in surgical oncology.

2) Specially designed courses and webinars for surgeons in training and junior surgeons.

3) Clinical and research fellowship grant opportunities to broaden your experience in surgical oncology. Also available are congress travel grants to participate in the ESSO Congress.

4) ESSO has created a registry of possible host Hospitals / Institutes / Cancer Centres for fellowship opportunities. Please note the listed opportunities are not guaranteed but are to provide possible assistance in finding training fellowship opportunities.

5) Tailored sessions for young surgical oncologists during the ESSO Congress

6) The networking opportunites of EYSAC the ESSO membership directory (ESSO Community), links with the young chapters of other European and national cancer organisations who we jointly organise social events with.

7) ESSO has been investing generously in many educational events, and would like to see EYSAC involved in subsequent evaluation. Education evaluation will include publication of fellowship reports, pre and post course evaluation, and participation to the EYSAC Annual Survey concerning quality of life and education expectation among surgical oncology residents and fellows.

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