ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club


The ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club (EYSAC) was created with the aim to help junior surgeons play an active role in the future of surgical oncology. Our mission:

  • Facilitate networking between young surgeons

  • Assist junior surgeons with academic research

  • Ensure surgical oncology training throughout Europe, specifically tailored to young surgeons

  • Facilitiate transfer of knowledge between young surgeons and institutes

  • Develop new avenues for surgical oncology

Key areas of EYSAC is involved and members can benefit from:

1) Encourage young surgeons to take the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ exams) in surgical oncology.

2) Specially designed education for surgeons junior surgeons.

3) Clinical and research fellowship grant opportunities. 

4) Special ESSO support to attend ESSO Congress.

5) Access to a registry of possible host Hospitals / Institutes / Cancer Centres for fellowship opportunities. 

6) Enhance networking opportunites of EYSAC.


Want to become a Member of EYSAC? Apply here! 

No additional membership fee is required, but ESSO membership is mandatory.

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