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A message from the ESSO President

ESSO's strategy for clinical research: Paving the way for a culture of research in cancer surgery

As part of its mission to promote the best surgical care for cancer patients, the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) has been developing multiple programmes for clinical research along with its educational portfolio. This position paper describes the different research activities of the Society over the past decade and an action plan for the upcoming five years to lead innovative and high quality surgical oncology research. ESSO proposes to consider pragmatic research methodologies as a complement to randomised clinical trials (RCT), advocates for increased funding and operational support in conducting research and aims to enable young surgeons to be active in research and establish partnerships for translational research activities.

USSO National Scientific Congress Advances in the surgical management of Gastrointestinal cancer

Look out for the Ukraine Society of Surgical Oncology (USSO) IX International Scientific Congress “Advances in the surgical management of Gastrointestinal cancer with the course of modern approaches of the cancer immunotherapy” 19-21 September 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine!

BASO opens submission for two NEW Prizes / awarded at the forthcoming Annual Meeting in November

BASO is opening submission for two NEW Prizes that will be awarded at the forthcoming Annual Meeting in November. The abstract submission & prize information is now live on the BASO website. Find out more here!


Don't miss out on the XLII CONGRESS OF THE ITALIAN SOCIETY OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, INFLUENCING ONCOLOGY through QUALIFIED SURGERY! When? September 08-10, 2019 Where? Cagliari, Italy!

European Journal of Surgical Oncology Digital edition of Issue 45/7

EJSO (European Journal of Surgical Oncology) is the Official Journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and BASO - the Association for Cancer Surgery. EJSO aims to educate and inform about the many subspecialty disciplines of cancer surgery. The EJSO publishes original scientific articles, reviews, clinical trials, news and views, and other relevant material. The journal seeks to inform its worldwide print and electronic readership through excellence, clarity, simplicity and concise presentation of the written word and diagram.

How ESSO / EYSAC contribute to the promotion of surgical oncology training.

Thee congress committee of the annual Russian Oncology Congress “White Nights” in St Petersburg decided this year to create a Joint session for young surgeons with the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO). The President of the Association of Oncologists of the North-western Federal District of Russia Prof A.M. Belyaev invited Prof Domenico D'Ugo (ESSO President-elect) and Dr Andreas Brandl (EYSAC steering committee member) to this congress. M. Beadling proceeded to interview A. Brandl on the subject.

ESSO 40 for 2020 announced!

The ESSO board & Secretariat have the pleasure in announcing the location for the ESSO 40 Congress, which will be held in Portugal, Lisbon for 2020!

2019 ESSO Awards announced : Lifetime achivement & ESSO Medal for ESSO 39

The prestigious ESSO Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes international research by individuals that demonstrate commitment to clinical cancer research and/or education. It is awarded as a recognition for outstanding lifetime achievements in surgical oncology. The ESSO medal is awarded to a single individual to acknowledge his/her contribution to the advancement of surgical oncology through research, education and/or leadership in clinical practice and international cooperation.


The textbook is written by global experts in breast surgery, oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, plastic surgery, radiology and rehabilitation medicine. The 53 chapters on 776 pages and more than 2000 illustrations comprehensively cover all the aspects of updated breast cancer treatment, mainly from the point of view of the oncoplastic breast surgeon.

The Role of Cancer Surgery in Africa by R. Audisio - Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, SE

Prof Riccardo Audisio speaks to ecancer at the Global Health Catalyst Summit 2019 at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts about how surgery plays an important role in improving cancer care in Africa. Prof. Audisio emphasises that surgery is the most effective and cheapest treatments available for cancer, so as an avenue is worth pursuing as an option for African cancer care.

The European School of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Illustrated

2019 summary of the ESSO and Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) progress on the European School of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Surgery (ESSTSS) to provide training in the surgical management of soft tissue sarcomas.

ESSO Endorsed and Recommended events

ESSO also supports or recommends scientific events organised by other medical societies, hospitals or institutions that are deemed relevant and of particular interest for the surgical oncology community. All events listed on the ESSO website have been reviewed and approved by the ESSO Website & Editorial Committee.

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