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It is well recognised that a majority of patients cured of cancer are cured by surgery. Advanced surgical oncology has been recognised as a defined specialisation by US regulatory authorities, but it hasn't yet been recognised as a subspecialty in all European countries. One of our Society's aims is to have this field established as an important speciality in oncology, in an effort to raise the quality and consistency of cancer surgery. The situation in Europe is more complex than the US, as regulatory controls overtraining and certification are handled independently by each EU Member State and are very variable. Promoting education and training in state-of-the-art cancer surgery across the European Union is thus one of the main objectives of ESSO.

Hence, the Education Committee of ESSO offers a range of fellowships to support trainees in surgical oncology to visit centres of oncological excellence, both within and outside Europe, to sponsor their attendance at ESSO Congresses or the prestigious MCCR workshop on methods in clinical cancer research (organised jointly by ECCO, ASCO, EORTC and ESMO).

The ESSO Education and Training Committee also developed a Core Curriculum in surgical oncology, with recommendations for a fundamental knowledge set which all practising surgical oncologists should aspire to. This encompasses not only the latest surgical techniques but the underpinning molecular biology of cancer and its treatments, palliative care and psycho-oncology. All vital aspects to ensure that the modern surgical oncologist can offer treatment of the highest standard, but that he/she can also understand the principles behind these treatments, and thus advance knowledge through research.

In addition to the Core Curriculum and the training fellowships, ESSO has developed a surgical oncology examination, in partnership with the Surgical Board of UEMS. This examination is open to suitably qualified European candidates and will provide validation of a surgeon’s continued professional development in the field of surgical oncology, as well as indicating his/her competency to practise in this area.

ESSO endeavours to foster a multi-disciplinary collaboration in the management of cancer patients, and hence to actively contribute to educational projects and courses on specific tumours in partnership with other cancer organisations. Examples of ESSO-run courses include ones on HIPEC, rectal cancer, liver metastases and breast cancer. ESSO also collaborates with other societies to provide academic input into a wide range of ESSO-labelled courses, providing recommendations for course content and the best speakers in the field.

Last but not least, ESSO organises a yearly congress featuring a strong educational programme. The next ESSO Congress will take place on 21-23 October 2020 in Lisbon. The theme of this year's congress will be "Shaping the Future of Cancer Care". Click here to visit the congress website.

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