ESSO Advanced course on pancreatic cancer

14-15 September, 2023 - Open

Venue: Gothenburg

Aim of the course

This course is designed to provide an insight on several key and controversial aspects of pancreatic cancer surgery and to cover the most recent advances in the multidisciplinary management. Participants will become familiar with the most advanced and innovative surgical approaches for pancreatic malignancies as well as with the most appropriate management of pancreatic surgery-related complications. Moreover, they will recognize areas of uncertainty in the indications and timing for surgery of pancreatic neoplasms.

During this 2-day course, attendees will become familiar with the management of the most challenging situations that they will face during their career as pancreatic surgeons. Tips&tricks picture/video sessions will provide a comprehensive insight on the most advanced surgical techniques in vascular resections and minimally invasive approach to the pancreas. Real-life case discussions simulating a multidisciplinary tumor board meeting will allow participants to interactively test their learning in terms of therapeutic indications and complications management. 3D model workshop will provide a hands-on experience in vascular and pancreatic anastomotic reconstruction. Teaching site visit will also be available on demand.

Main Topics

  • Diagnosis and multimodality treatment of resectable/borderline/locally advanced pancreatic cancer
  • Vascular and pancreatic anastomotic surgical techniques for resectable/borderline/locally advanced pancreatic cancer
  • Management of pancreatic surgery-related complications
  • Dealing with the consequences of pancreatic surgery
  • Management choice of IPMN and pancreatic NET

Educational methods

  • Plenary lectures
  • Photo/Video-based discussion sessions
  • MDT case-based discussion sessions
  • 3D model hands on workshop

Ideal Participants

  • Senior residents in surgery
  • HPB Fellows
  • Junior and experienced consultant surgeons (general and HPB)

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