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EYSAC National Representatives

The ESSO Young Surgeons Alumni Club (EYSAC) aims to help young surgeons play an active role in the future of surgical oncology.

To foster closer communication with young surgeons across the world EYSAC has now created National Representatives who act as a bridge between ESSO and young surgeons within their country.

National Representatives

Belgium - Kim Govaerts

Finland - Marjo Koskela, Oulu University Hospital, Oulu

France - Olivia Sgarbura, Universitie de Montpellier 1, Montpellier

Greece - Constantina Koronidou, Univerisity of Crete Medical School, Heraklion

Israel - Almog Ben-yaacov, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

Lithuania - Augustinas Bausys, Graz Medical University, Graz, Austria

Netherlands - Denise Hilling, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden

Poland - Maciej Nowacki, Ludwik Rydygier's Collegium Medicum, Bydgoszcz

Portugal - Antonio Sampaio Soares, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, Lisbon

Russia - Aisha Isaeva, Moscow Oncology Research Institute, Moscow

Slovakia - Daniel Dyttert, St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute, Bratislava

Ukraine - Markiyan Fetsych, Lviv National Medical University, Lviv


If you would be interested to act as a National Representative for EYSAC please contact Gemma Applebee

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